Monday, February 6, 2017

Look who is turnnng two.

Child Photography, Flagstaff

Sweet Miss. P has turned two already. It seemed just a day ago that you were one. Time sure flies with these little ones. 

 Miss. P loved the snow. As soon ad she could play in it she was as happy as can be.

 Well since it was almost February, we had to throw in some Valentines Day Pictures.

Flagstaff Photography Winter Wonderland

Flagstaff Family and Child Photography

If you love snow, take a trip to Flagstaff, just a couple of hours from Phoenix or Mesa and enjoy the winter wonderland!

 Indoor and outdoor locations are available in one sitting.

Flagstaff Christmas Mini sessions.

Flagstaff Family Photography, Arizona

I am finally able to update my blogs and am so excited to share what has been going on recently. So hang on here we go....

Meet Andrea and her beautiful baby girl! 

 These were done in the beautiful Fall in Flagstaff mountains. I just cant get enough how beautiful it is out there.

 Children grow so fast, you blink and your baby is going to school or graduating.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Flagstaff Newborn Photography Session.

It has been a while since I posted my recent work here. But this adorable newborn came to my studio all the way from New Mexico becasue they have been my clients for ever. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby # 4 is here. Faith Hannah Clark

I got a moment without kids this afternoon and finally decided to post some pics of the new addition to our family. Our beautiful Faith, she has brought so much joy into our home the words can not describe. 

 She was born before Halloween so here is my little pumpkin.

It has been a big challenge to get newborn pictures taken of your own baby as a photographer.
First of all you have to find time in between other sessions you are doing to fit your own kid in. Second you don't have an excise that the kid did not cooperate, you are the photographer after all you need to have good pics, right. It took me four to five sessions to get these done and I can tell you know, it is just worth it to hire somebody else then try doing it yourself.

Four of my kiddos!

I love this one of my girls!